Harvest for tourist groups



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E-mail : info@vino-suman.eu

Each year we organize the well established tourist harvest on our Organic viticulture Šuman, where a large number of groups attends. We invite them in order to experience the traditional harvesting in the Central Slovenian hills, is a beautiful adventure, and help us to get the crop.

Such harvest look like this:

In the morning, around 9:00 pm we have gedering on the Viticulture Šuman in Zavrh where you will beserved with warm drinks and

sour soup. Then we are going  by bus to the vineyard where the harvest  will happened., having  good wine, something to snack and plenty of

good atmosphere for 4 hours (depending on the arrangement with the heads of groups).



 ŠUMAN vina/wines

After tearing the grapes we return to the tourism Suman, where we have some lunch with good wine, which was in such a way harvested previous years. Before leaving you receive a gift; bottle of fine wine Suman.

All this is free of charge. All we wish for you is to take some quality time for your self in the nature, have fun with your friends within helping us. In natural habitat you may say; “Cheers”!