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As even our ancestors were vine-growers, we have decided to introduce ourselves to you with our wines under a brand name that represents our family coat of arms. Originating from the Vosges region in France, the coat of arms dates as far back as the 14th century and has chivalric roots. It was bestowed upon our ancestors in honour of their righteousness and freedoms, and also became the symbol of our family for the same reason. In the period between the last crusades and the demise of the chivalric orders, our ancestors came to Slovenian soil, where they also settled down. My grandfather Franc Šuman (shown in the photo) dedicated all his life to the love and cultivation of vineyards. He also passed his deep fondness of vine down to his three sons. His eldest son attended the First Vocational School for Vine-Growing in Klosterneuburg near Vienna. Unfortunately, while still young men, the eldest sons lost their lives at the end of World War II. That way, all the love of vine was passed down to the much younger son, my father Jože Šuman, who also chose the vine-growing profession as his career and mission. He became a graduate agronomist. In addition to his employment, he spent all his days amongst his vines in Central Slovenske gorice.



                            … and TODAY

The power of love is also guiding me and my family along the unconsciously set path as the key vision of our ancestors lives on. Throughout all those centuries, we have maintained a respectful relationship towards vine – not so much in the sense of impact, but cooperation. That philosophy is with us from the beginning to the end of the wonderful process: SOIL—VINE—WINE. Since we are only cooperating with nature and all living beings, the BIODYNAMIC way of producing wine is the only approach possible for us and it has also become our way of life. This positive and respectful relationship towards everything that lives we also pass down to our children.                               






Šuman Franc


My grandfather, which is nurturing the vineyards in Pernica and Sv.Ana in Slovenske gorice.

Foto was created in time of the

I. World. war.

“Nepojmljivo spremenjena,

zre mladost me od nekod,

njena sonca, zvezde njene,

niso luč na mojo pot.


Njene rune obledele,

toni so že davni zdaj,

a s čarobno melodijo

svojo tu bo vekomaj.”


            Hermann Hesse




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