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In our wine shop, or tourist environment Šuman, we accept about 80 people. When outside happened to be sudden drop in temperature, we light  a fire in our fireplace, that is much more wormer and  homelike when we are looking at the fire.  Our tourist room is also suitable for  all kind of gatherings, business and other meetings, and also lectures with projecting.

             Tourist environment


»Wine has the most of the sun. Long live people who make wine becouse it brings the sunlight into man`s soul.«

                                          Maksim Gorki

Continuing  our Family crest Motto and Tradition, we today add the love, sensitivity and respect for Nature.In all aspects of growing vine through to bottling wine we use exclusively only natural products,  we rely on the Nature’s own power and energy to contribute and honour all Life. That includes all invisible life, that is crucial in the making of wine. Relying only on  pure and natural processes, that existed long before we did, is what makes our wines full of vitality, something that  is expressed in its fuller body, strong charater, rich bouquet and warm colour.All our grapes are macerated, the way to get the most of it.All our wine is aged in wooden casks, and fermented naturally, without adding any microorganisms. They are unfiltered, and of course, above all - ALIVE.


Descriptions of our wines will help you can easily find for yourself an appropriate wine.

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