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E-mail : info@vino-suman.eu

Top level wine

Regular harvest



Year 2015

Bottle:  0,75l


Organic biodynamic wine

Hand harvested


Indigenous yeast fermentation

No added yeasts

No added any enological substances

No filtering

No added sulphur (free is 3 mg/l)

Suitable for vegetarians and vegane

Moon Drops

It is very special complex white wine, yellow gold color, raised by biodynamical approach like our all others wines. Macerated  couple of days with sterms and skins, has natural fermentation with any added yeasts or other enological substances, and it is unfiltered. Wine is 2 years aged in oak barrels, with no added sulphur, layed on fine sediments, with 13 % vol of alcohol. Sent is discreetly fruity and herbal. It has gentile taste of butter, yeast and rusk, as a result of its secndary fermentation. With our tbiodynamical and special treathment in wine is  preserved live, so this is ALIVE and tottaly NATURAL wine.

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