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»Lebe in deinem Jahrhundert, aber sei nicht sein Geschöpf; leiste deinen Zeitgenossen aber, was sie bedürfen, nicht was sie loben. «


                                       Friedrich SCHILLER

Our relationship towards nature, and, consequently, wine as well, stems from a very complex view of the entire way in which UNIVERSE works and functions. All of us, it included, are living beings who live according to the most fundamental gesture of life: INHALING and EXHALING. It is what connects us with all living beings on this planet. It is in that “lifecycle” that we humans exist, with all our inner SELF, body, soul and spirit. It is in such a comprehensive way that we also follow the life path of WINE, and we do not view all of its processes in the classic way. We do not impact them, we cooperate with them. We are trying to understand all their life needs, which, in most cases, are completely fundamental in nature (light, air, temperature...). We ensure those conditions to them when they work to our advantage, or eliminate them if they have the opposite tendency. However, we have never taken LIFE away from them.

For coexistence on our planet, we humans need cooperation with all living beings, even if they are invisible to us. “An infallible criterion for assessing a man's MORALITY is the way he treats animals, in particular those of a  LOWER order, because, as far as they are concerned, everyone is convinced that he or she is exempt from the law of responsibility and giving back.” (K.H.Waggerl) We are very attached to this thought, and we are glad to be living by it.

For biodynamic farming, it is important that, using nature's own ways, we manage to create from nature a higher ability of VITALITY in the way it can be created by nature itself. In our case, the energy created starts with the SOIL, continues with VINE and ends in bottles, in the form of WINE. All along that path we have preserved the life, adding our positive energy, energy in the form of the sun, the forces of the universe, biodynamic preparations, acting without pressure or heat processing and without adding any substances - let alone artificial ones – while primarily using a positive, gentle and loving approach throughout. It is only in this way that we can manage to put a LIVING - ORGANIC wine into bottles for our body to process it to the maximum extent with all its cells and use all vitamins, minerals and other mineral substances that WINE contains the most of.

Inorganic, dead foods and substances (selected microorganisms, synthetically produced vitamins, laboratory-generated additives and, of course, genetically modified organisms) are mostly difficult to process, and such substances are accumulated in the body as unnecessary waste. Only a plant has the POWER to assimilate mineral substances with its roots – and, of course, with the energy from the SUN – and transform them into organic ones. In laboratories, the difference between dead and living substances is indiscernible – only our BODY itself can tell us that.






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