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                       The results of Vital Energy Measurements

                                  of Šuman`s Red and White Wines



I  assessed the red and white wines in the cellar of winemaker Radovan Šuman with a method called Energy Sensing Technique (EST) which in Slovenian is called "blinkanje". This method estimates how much vital energy is contained in food and is usually measured on the scale of 0-10. All Šuman wines have values close to 9, which is an extremely high reading in food and drinks. The usual values are around 5, which indicates good quality. 8 or 9 are only reached by freshly torn vegetables or fruit from the garden. I consider a value of 8.8, which I found in Šuman`s wines abnormally high indicating exceptional quality. It is also interesting that all the wines are of the same value, which is in my opinion is a clear sign of harmony across the whole work process from vineyard to care techniques in the wine cellar.


Prof. dr. Peter Bukovec                                      Logatec. 20. 4. 2015



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